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Pather Panchali and Mishti

Pather Panchali: The Song of the Little Road – A film by Satyajit Ray I thought of exploring a famous scene of Pather Panchali, wherein the moira (mithaiwala) visits the distant village of Nischindipur. The village is the abode of the protagonists of the film Apu and Durga both brother and sister who belong to […]

Khirer Putul Sketches

Khirer Putul, a story by Abanindranath Tagore is based on the mishti cheer wherein cheer doll is a key protagonist of the novel. I explored the sketches that were already existing in the novel and tried to see if any screen printing experimentations can be performed on it. Experimenting with 2 colors for screen print:

Linking Gupi Bagha with Mishtis

In this phase I tried to focus on different illustration styles. I explored content where we find references of famous bengali sweets in bengali literature or iconic films. REFERENCE 1: ROSHOGOLLA AND GUPI GYNE BAGHA BYNE – A film by Satyajit Ray Gupi Gyne Bagha Byne: Part 1: In this movie the climax is a […]

Exploring Patterns

My initial idea was to create patterns with the forms of the mishtis. So I started thinking of fractal art and circular patterns and the following are some of my explorations. I imagined one-colour screen on light cream thick paper for these.